Timeline of Events

26. October 2015  – Attempted mediation in Italy failed. At the first meeting in Italy held between Italian members of Global Justice Network, Stefano Bertone and Marco Bona, and representatives of Volkswagen at ADR Aequitas, representatives of the German company took the position that there are no issues to mediate. For further information in Italian, please visit http://www.emissionidiesel.com/.

7. October 2015 – GJN law firm Leonardo Amarante Advogados Associados, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, has filed a legal action in Brazilian court demanding that Volkswagen identify all vehicles in Brazil that are affected by the emissions scandal.

This is the first legal action filed in Brazil against Volkswagen.

04. October 2015 – GJN attorneys at Keller Rohrback, LLP filed a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order in U.S. court requesting that the judge order the Volkswagen defendants not to communicate directly with members of the class, American owners of cars with “defeat devices”.

One of Keller Rohrback’s clients, a consumer affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, was contacted via email by Audi directly pledging that the company “will do the right thing by you” and promising future communication by Audi representatives. Neither the email nor information posted on Audi’s or Volkswagen’s websites mentions the proposed class action litigation in the U.S.

Because car owners are not being told that they may be compromising their legal rights if they accept a manufacturer’s offer to “fix” their car, communication by Volkswagen and related companies is misleading, forming the basis for the motion filed with the court.

01. October 2015 – GJN Attorney Carlos Villacorta Salis files the first European civil action in the VW case in Spain. The civil action was filed on behalf of the owner of a Volkswagen Beetle against Volkswagen.

23. September 2015 – GJN attorneys hire their own experts to test the actual auto emissions of Volkswagen diesel cars in several countries, including Italy and Spain. The experts compare the actual emissions results with what was promised by the manufacturer before the owners bought the cars.

21. September 2015 – Keller Rohrback files first claim on behalf of cheated consumers.

19. September 2015 – EPA announces test results on Volkswagen Diesel cars. They discovered that TDI cars contain “a sophisticated software algorithm” which detects when the cars are being tested for emissions. When undergoing testing, the software drastically reduces the emissions compared to normal driving. As a result, once the cars are no longer being tested, the software deactivates the emission controls and the cars begin to spew out fumes at up to 40 times the permitted level.

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