GJN News – VW Diesel

First Case Filed In Court In Spain

GJN Attorney Carlos Villacorta Salis filed the first European civil action in the VW case in Spain today. The civil action was filed on behalf of the owner of a Volkswagen Beetle against Volkswagen. Carlos Villacorta is working at the moment on other actions which...

Statement On Skoda Vehicles

Skoda has confirmed that its cars were fitted with emissions-cheating software. 1.2 million Skoda cars are affected. Skoda has not yet revealed which models are involved in the scandal.

Statement On Audi Vehicles

Although Volkswagen still has not identified exactly which vehicles from its related companies are affected, Audi has announced that an estimated 1.42m Audi vehicles with EU5 engines have been fitted with the “defeat devices” in western Europe, 577,000 in Germany and...
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