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US VW 2-liter Settlement Now Final

The U.S. MDL Court approved the U.S. Volkswagen settlement applicable to 2-liter cars on 25. October 2016. Some issues have not been decided yet and are still pending with the US MDL Court including: What to do with the 3-liter cars, and All issues regarding the...

Update re: US Settlement

A proposed US VW settlement of up to $10,033,000,000.00 (over 9 billion Euro) was filed on 28. June 2016 in the MDL Court. This would make the Volkswagen settlement the largest consumer automobile class action settlement ever reached in the USA. The settlement applies...

U.S.A. VW Litigation Case Update

In the transcript of the May 24, 2016 status conference, the Court notes that there has been “substantial progress” toward a settlement for owners and lessees of the 2-liter vehicles. Judge Breyer reported that the parties are “on track to meet the Court’s deadline” of June 21 to submit details of that settlement to the Court and public.

Class Action Lawsuit filed in Venice, Italy

A class action lawsuit was filed by GJN attorneys on May 11, 2016 in Venice, Italy, on behalf of car owners affected by the Volkswagen diesel emissions controversy. Both Volkswagen and Audi owners have joined the complaint, seeking compensation from the manufacturers....

Progress Made Toward Settlement Of VW Consumer Claims In U.S.A.

The U.S. MDL Court announced on April 21, 2016 that most parts of a settlement for U.S. consumers have been agreed with VW, giving each 2-litre VW car owner the option to either have the car bought back by VW or “modified” to make it emissions compliant at VW’s cost. Americans who lease their VWs may turn them back in. All consumers will also receive “substantial compensation”, the Judge said.

VW – 28. U.S.C. § 1782 Motion

VW car owners from the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Ukraine, represented by GJN attorneys, joined a motion filed in the US Court on 13. April 2016 asking that VW be ordered to produce documents for use in litigation planned to be filed against VW in Europe.

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