A class action lawsuit was filed by GJN attorneys on May 11, 2016 in Venice, Italy, on behalf of car owners affected by the Volkswagen diesel emissions controversy. Both Volkswagen and Audi owners have joined the complaint, seeking compensation from the manufacturers.

As part of their application to the Court in Venice, attorneys for the car owners ask the Italian Judge to request Judge Breyer of the US MDL Court to hand over copies of all documents Volkswagen has produced under US law in the US proceeding so the evidence can be used in the litigation pending in Italy. The request for documents or “discovery” from Volkswagen is based on US federal law, 28 USC § 1782.

For further information, please contact Stefano Bertone or Marco Bona or visit the Italian websites http://www.emissionidiesel.com/ and https://cdivw.wordpress.com/


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